Black&White Freedrawings

About the book

Welcome! Black & White Freedrawings is a unique exploration of collaborative drawing. In the book, over 40 international artists collaborate on a drawing with Zeptonn. These collaborations are called "freedrawings" to highlight the lack of restrictions, themes and guidelines. At the same time these drawings are not a preliminary sketch, but the final artwork. In 132 pages filled with freedrawing collaborations the artists take you on a journey through the process of collaboration, showcasing their personal illustrations and working spaces.

Black & White Freedrawings is 132 pages, 210 x 297 mm (8.3 x 11.7 in), featuring over 160 illustrations and over 100 photos. It comes with an additional yellow dustcover that can double as a poster, and is eco-friendly produced *. The first edition has only 450 copies for sale. ISBN: 978-90-811226-2-7.

Special: the first 10 copies of the book will come with limited edition gicleeprints with work from Sauerkids, Nick Deakin and Zeptonn!

* This book is produced in an eco-friendly manner, using a waterless printing process that reduces environmental impact. Computer-to-plate technology and silicon plates eliminate the use of chemicals and water, and vegetable-based inks further reduce resource use and pollution. The paper used is FSC certified 100% recycled, and is produced in a climate neutral fashion.

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