Black&White Freedrawings

Comments & Quotes

"Pffft who needs full color when you could have this festival of scribbled wizadry shaking it's monotone ass on your coffee table! ( that ok Jan Willem?)"
— nick
"Your book is the shit i wanna kill a whole herd of camels!!"
— emanuel
"What's with killing animals?"
— jaap
"It's time your dream about bigger rod came true!"
— adrian
— akutou
"I think it would be interesting to have a psychologist look at this art and comment on it's possible meaning."
— von glitschka
— teebee /
"I'm going to wash the dishes now, later..."
— def
"your book Sucks"
— john sharifi
"It is a lie, the advertising is false! The drawings aren't free you have to pay for them. No animals were harmed during the making of this comment."
— dig-dug
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